Connecticut Censuses & Substitute Name Lists, 1630 – 2012 - Second Edition
Connecticut Censuses & Substitute Name Lists, 1630 – 2012 - Second Edition
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Connecticut Censuses & Substitute Name Lists, 1630 – 2012 - with a selection of National Name Lists, 1600s – Present, Second Edition, an annotated bibliography of published and online name lists; by William Dollarhide; 95 pp., paper; 8.5x11; Published: 2018; ISBN: 9781628591965; Item # FR0221-2

This new Second Edition includes 167 Connecticut State URLs, of which 45 are catalog and reference links. The rest of the URLs link to databases. Three Hundred Thirty-Five National URLs are also included. There are an additional 18 pages in the Second Edition (as compared to the First Edition).

With this series of genealogical guides, William Dollarhide continues his long tradition of writing books that family historians find useful in their day-to-day United States research. Bill’s Censuses & Substitute Name List guides give a state-by-state listing of what name lists are available, where to find them, and how they can be used to further one’s research.

Censuses & substitute name lists are key to success in any genealogical endeavor. Name lists, be they national, state, county, or even city or town in scope, can help nail down the precise place where one’s ancestor may have lived. And if that can be done, further records, usually found on a local level, will now be accessible to research. But success depends on knowing where the ancestor resided. This is where Dollarhide’s Censuses & Substitute Name List guides can make the difference.

Not only does this volume give a detailed bibliography of censuses & substitute name lists available for the state, but links to websites, FHL book & microfilm numbers, archive references, maps, and key historical information make this volume invaluable to the researcher looking to extend their lines and fill in the family tree.

William Dollarhide is best known as the co-author and cartographer of Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, a book of 393 census- year maps, and one of the bestselling titles ever published in the field of genealogy. Mr. Dollarhide currently lives in Washington. He has written numerous guidebooks related to genealogical research.

I recommend it to any genealogist, beginner or advanced, that had ancestors in the state. - Leland K. Meitzler, Editor –, Publisher – Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC

This book is also available in an electronic pdf format.


  • Preface
  • Map of Connecticut Counties & Towns
  • Connecticut Name Lists
  • Historical Timeline for Connecticut, 1524-1788
  • Introduction to Connecticut’s Colonial, Local & Statewide Name Lists
  • Bibliography of Connecticut Name Lists, 1630-2012
  • U.S. Maps
    • 1763 British North America
    • 1784-1802 Western Land Cessions
    • 1790 United States
    • 1800 United States
    • 1810 United States
    • 1820 United States
    • 1830 United States
    • 1840 United States
    • 1850 United States
    • 1860 United States
    • 1870-1880 United States
    • 1890-1940 United States
  • National Name Lists
    • Getting Started
    • National Look-up Sites Online
    • Bibliography of National Lists, 1600s – Present

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