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Family Roots Publishing distributes & publishes Genealogy Guidebooks.

All items posted on this website are new or like new, unless otherwise stated within the description. The items come from many different publishers around the world, with a good number being published by our own company.

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A primary FRPC focus is on the publication of the Map Guide to German Parish Registers. This series stands currently at fifty-seven and will reach Sixty-two. Please note that In addition to the Map Guides, we now distribute a large number of Germanic genealogy-related guides printed by other publishers, posted under the category of Foreign - Germany.

Search for any word found within any item description by using the Product Search box on the upper left margin of the page. EXAMPLE: Included in the description of the German Map Guides is a list of the towns found in any particular book. Type the name of any town and the books including that name will pop up in the Search Results. Keep in mind that you need to search for German towns using the German spellings - including the umlaut (ä, ö, ü), if one was used in that word. You may also do an advanced search by clicking on the link below the Product Search Box. In the Advanced Search, You can search by any word within a Title, or search just within the Description. You can also search by Product Number using the Advanced Search.

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Featured Items
The Census Book: Facts, Schedules & Worksheets for the U.S. Federal Censuses
Product #: FR0478
Was: $39.95
Price: $39.15

Substitutes for the Lost 1890 U.S. Federal Census
Product #: FR0426
Was: $25.95
Price: $25.43

The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany
Product #: IG08
Was: $34.95
Price: $26.21

German Census Records, 1816-1916: The When, Where, and How of a Valuable Genealogical Resource
Product #: FR0650
Was: $34.95
Price: $26.21

Who Gave Me My X DNA? Ancestral Guide
Product #: FR0800
Was: $5
Price: $4.90

German Immigrants in American Church Records - Vol. 25: Missouri (St. Louis VI)
Product #: FR0659
Was: $109.95
Price: $107.75

Tracing Your Ancestors - DNA & Your Genealogy
Product #: MM028
Was: $9.95
Price: $5.97

Hoffmann Heraldry and Genealogy: A Geographical Perspective
Product #: FR0702
Was: $27.95
Price: $23.76

German Residential Records For Genealogists: Tracing Your Ancestor From Place to Place in Germany
Product #: FR0652
Was: $34.95
Price: $29.71

The Adoptee's Guide to DNA Testing
Product #: IG03
Was: $29.99
Price: $23.99

Wagner Heraldry and Genealogy: A Geographical Perspective
Product #: FR0701
Was: $27.95
Price: $23.76

The German Research Companion, Third Edition
Product #: M0025
Was: $28
Price: $27.44