Tracing Your English & Scottish Ancestors - Now Out-of-Print
Tracing Your English & Scottish Ancestors - Now Out-of-Print
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Tracing Your English & Scottish Ancestors; The Records and Resources You Need for Success!; 2011; 54 pp; magazine-style, saddled stapled; 8.5x11; ISBN: 978-0-9781592-8-3; Item # MM005;

Need Help Researching Your English & Scottish Ancestors?

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Tracing Your English & Scottish Ancestors compiles some of the best articles ever published in Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy and Discovering Family History about researching your English and Scottish ancestors. Jam-packed with informative articles on the records and resources (not to mention online databases) you need for success. Order your copy today!

Inside Tracing Your English & Scottish Roots

The articles in this collection have all appeared previously in Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy or Discovering Family History.

England and Wales Criminal Registers

David A. Norris looks at a new database for ancestors on both sides of the law

35 Top Sites for Scottish Research

Marian Press takes you on a virtual tour of the top sites for Scottish resources

Olde English Handwriting

An online Course: Diane L. Richard looks at an online course for deciphering old handwriting

Clergy of the Church of England Database

David A. Norris looks at online resources for the official religious institution of England

Scottish Archives Online

David A. Norris browses through Scotland's historical archives

Discovering Your UK Ancestors' Neighborhood

Jenny Roche shows you how you can pay a virtual visit to your ancestors' neighborhood

English and Welsh Vital Records

Alan Stewart looks at a basic resource for tracing your English and Welsh ancestry

Researching Scottish Ancestry

Marian Press looks at the wealth of resources available from Scotland

Why Can't I Find That Scottish Birth Record?

David Webster offers advice for locating those elusive birth records for the Scotts

Online Catalogs and Databases of English County Record Offices

Alan Stewart takes you on a tour of what is available

England's National Burial Index

One of the best kept secrets in family history is unveiled by Garrick Webster

And Much More!

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