3M Notebook Mouse Pad With Precise Mousing Surface
3M Notebook Mouse Pad With Precise Mousing Surface
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Product #: RB01

 Product Information:

3M Notebook Mouse Pad; 5x6.5x0.01; Item # RB01

Grate For Optical Mice!!

Your computer wasn’t built 20 years ago, so why use a mouse pad from that generation? The 3M Precise Mousing Surface improves mousing accuracy at fast speeds.

The consistent pattern of its micro-texture surface makes the 3M Precise Mousing Surface an excellent surface for your optical mouse. An optical mouse works by sending out a beam of light and reading the light reflected from the actual surface it moves across. The more light contrast your mouse reads, the more accurately it can track. The more your mouse tracks, the more effective your cursor can work.

3M repositionable adhesive prevents mouse pad from sliding around.

Adheres to back of notebook computer with 3M repositionable adhesive for easy storage.

3M repositionable adhesive allows for convenient mouse pad storage.

3M Notebook Mouse Pad differentiates your computer from others. Helps you identify your notebook at airports, in meetings, ect.

Optical mice do not work well on all surfaces. The 3M Notebook Mouse Pad with Precise Mousing Surface Technologyenhances the accuracy of optical mice and the adhesive keeps your mouse from sliding around.

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