Bell-Tower Biographies 89-89 Orting Centennial
Bell-Tower Biographies 89-89 Orting Centennial
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Bell-Tower Biographies 89-89 Orting Centennial; by The People of Orting; 217 pp; Paperback; Item # C0001

In the shadow of Mt. Rainer there lies the town of Orting, Washington. For more than 100 years this picture community has been but five minutes from volcanic destruction. This is the stories of some of Orting’s residences, people from the surrounding communities and their ancestors, told in the words of these people on the celebration of the centennial of Orting’s founding.

As one former resident stated “this town, Orting, is one of the best small towns in America, safe, friendly and you tend to not even care that when the mountain blows you’re going to be under a mud and lava flow before you can even know its coming. A great place to raise kids too."