Heritage Quest, International Genealogy Forum, November/December 1985
Heritage Quest,  International Genealogy Forum, November/December 1985
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Heritage Quest Magazine 2, edited by Leland K. Meitzler; Published November/December 1985 by Heritage Quest International Genealogy Forum; New back issue; 124 pp; Item # HQ002; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

This back issue of Heritage Quest Magazine was the Second Issue printed by Heritage Quest International Genealogy Forum.

Articles found in this issue include:


  • The Records of the Ceded Lands or Georgia‚Äôs Old Wilkes County by Robert S. Davis Jr.; The second of a series on the use of Georgia records
  • Se-quo-yah; Taken from Harpers New Monthly Magazine,Sept. 1870. The fascinating story the man who invented the Cherokee Alaphabet.
  • Where to Write for vital Records; Up-to- date information on where to write
  • Making the Most of the Texas Collection; Taken from informational material supplied by Virginia Ming, head of Public Services for the Texas Collection
  • Titles and Styles of Address by L.G. Pine; The correct and official title Queen and her subjects
  • Genealogical Indexing by Norma Ireland; Part II classifying genealogical indexes
  • Compiling a Faith Chronicle by John W. Heisey; Part II in a series on searching for the thread of faith of your ancestors and compiling your own

  • Where to Search in France by Margaret Audin
  • Germanic Genealogy by Frederick Walter Hilbig
  • NEWS for Genealogical Societys
  • The Genealogy Answering Machine by Arlene H. Eakle
  • New York Research by Loren V. Fay
  • Departments

  • Periodical Index
  • Queries
  • Classified Ads
  • Book Reviews
  • Index to HQ #2
  • The Computer Corner:

  • Book Indexer
  • Genealogical News

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