The Zen Of Genealogy: The Lighter Side Of Genealogy
The Zen Of Genealogy: The Lighter Side Of Genealogy
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The Zen of Genealogy: The Lighter Side of Genealogy by Beth Maltbie Uyehara; 128 pp; paperback; 5½x8½; Published: 2002 Reprinted: 2007; ISBN 0-7884-2272-3; Item # HBU2272

The Worm's Eye View of Genealogy first appeared on the Internet newsletter Missing Links as a series of columns reflecting on the nuttier aspects of genealogy. Enthusiastic reader response kept the author writing more about the many ways genealogy touches our funny bones. Here's the lowdown on: how to get contributions to a genealogy newsletter; how to win friends and dazzle your cousins with your research; how to kick the genealogy addiction; how to tell your kissing cousins from your dissing cousins; how to win the real Salt Lake City Olympic events; how to organize your paperwork-for good; how to combine yoga and genealogy for the ultimate out-of-body experience; how to get your spouse hooked on genealogy, too; and much, much more… Some of Beth Maltbie Uyehara's best-loved Worm's Eye View columns are collected here together for the first time, along with a number of brand new offerings-all presented for your genealogical pleasure. Dig in!