The Germans In Colonial Times
The Germans In Colonial Times
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The Germans in Colonial Times by Lucy Forney Bittinger; 312 pp; Paper; 5.5x8.5; Published: 1901, Reprinted: 2007; index; ISBN: 9780917890901; Item # HBB0090

The Germans in Colonial Times - Lucy Forney Bittinger. This excellent book gives a fine presentation of German history in America down through the American Revolution. Chapter headings include: Conditions in Germany which led to Emigration; Germantown; The Labadists in Maryland; The Woman in the Wilderness; German Valley, New Jersey; Kocherthal's Colony; The Great Exodus of the Palatines; Pequae and the Mennonites; The Dunkers and Ephrata; The Schwenkfelder and Christopher Dock; The Progress of Settlement in the Valley of Virginia and Maryland; The Germans in South Carolina; German Colonization in New England; The Salzburgers in Georgia and the Pennsylvania Germans in North Carolina; The German Press; The Moravians; Conrad Weiser and the Frontier Wars; The "Royal American" Regiment; The Redemptioners; The Germans as Pioneers; The Germans in the Revolution; and more.