Finding Our Fathers, A Guidebook To Jewish Genealogy
Finding Our Fathers, A Guidebook To Jewish Genealogy
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Finding Our Fathers, A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy; by Dan Rottenberg; Published 1977, Reprinted, 1998; xxii + 401 pp; Soft Cover, 5.5x 8.5; ISBN: 9780806311517; Item # GPC5000

Most American Jews believe they can only trace their families back for two or three generations. In this work Dan Rottenberg proves that they are wrong and shows how to do a successful search by probing the memories of living relatives; by examining marriage licenses, gravestones, ship passenger lists, naturalization records, birth and death certificates, and other public documents; and by looking for clues in family traditions and customs.

Supplementing the "how to" instructions is a guide to some 8,000 Jewish family names, giving the origins of the names, sources of information about each family, and the names of related families whose histories have been recorded. Other features included a country-by-country guide to tracing Jewish ancestors abroad, a list of Jewish family history books, and a guide to researching genealogy in Mormon records and in Israel.


"The excellent Bibliography...lists Jewish family histories and genealogies in print...Finding Our Fathers is a 'must' for anyone seeking his Jewish ancestry."--NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY, Vol. 74, No. 4 (December 1986)

"Those who want to use it to track down their own background are provided with more than enough leads. Less energetic readers...will also be delighted."--THE CANADIAN JEWISH TIMES (July 17, 1986), p. 34).

"...this readable volume provides much solid information for both the neophyte and the experienced genealogist."--NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY, Vol. 66, No. 145 (June 1978)