Out Of Print - Do Not Order - British Origins Of American Colonists,1629-1775
Out Of Print - Do Not Order - British Origins Of American Colonists,1629-1775
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Out Of Print - Do Not Order - British Origins of American Colonists, 1629-1775; by William Dollarhide; ISBN 1-877677-69-8; 8.5x11; 63 pp; 1997; Perfect bound.

Acclaimed author, William Dollarhide, provides you with guidelines that will assist in locating your British origins. His book explains the four waves of migrations during the colonial period, including:

  1. East Anglican Puritans to New England, 1629-1640
  2. West Country Cavaliers and their Servants to the Chesapeake, 1640-1675
  3. North Midland Quakers to the Delaware Valley, 1675-1725
  4. British and Scottish Borderers (the so-called "Scotch-Irish") to the American backwoods, 1717-1775
You'll be able to determine your most likely British roots from these four groups, through detailed maps and extensive information. Dollarhide's talent for map-making clearly illustrates the locations of the counties in England where the emigrants lived prior to coming to America. Various aspects about each of these groups including folkways, historical background and reasons for moving are provided.

Additionally, British Origins lists outstanding place-finding sources to help you locate the county, parish or village where a particular surname occurs in Britain. In addition, this invaluable publication features an extensive bibliography of books and microfilm sources available in the U.S. that can be used for further research in British records without an extensive journey across the Atlantic.