Your Family Reunion: How To Plan It, Organize It And Enjoy It
Your Family Reunion: How To Plan It, Organize It And Enjoy It
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Your Family Reunion: How to Plan it, Organize it and Enjoy it, by George G. Morgan; 200 pg; Paperback; ISBN 978-0-9164899-7-7; Item TP973

This book is a guide for organizing a successful and exciting reunion, regardless of whether it is a casual backyard barbecue, a get-together at a hotel or resort, or a weeklong cruise. No matter whether this is your first family reunion or your tenth, the keys to a successful event are to plan and organize a structure for it, get the people together, and provide opportunities for a variety of memory-making activities.

"Your Family Reunion: How to Plan It, Organize It, and Enjoy It", is a complete guide to putting on a successful family reunion -- from compiling the family address book, developing a realistic budget, choosing a great venue, working with hotels, caterers and other vendors, keeping records, and sending invitations to planning activities to get people communicating, ideas for sharing and gathering genealogical information, setting up the site, managing details on-site, and evaluating the event. Included are scores of helpful Internet sites that provide a wealth of resources to help you with all facets of successful family reunion planning.

George G. Morgan is the renowned author of the weekly genealogy column, "Along Those Lines ..." at, magazine and journal articles, and the book, "The Genealogy Forum on America Online", and popular genealogy speaker. He shares his extensive professional meeting planning and organizational experience to help make you a successful family reunion planner.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Why Have a Family Reunion?
    • What Is a Reunion?
  • Chapter 1: The Size and Scope of Your Reunion
    • Soliciting Input
    • What to Do With the Responses
    • Sizing up the Reunion
      • A Small Reunion
      • A Medium-Sized Reunion
      • Larger Reunion
    • Location, Location, Location!
      • The Hometown
      • Convenient In-Between Location
    • Timing is Everything!
  • Chapter 2: Organizing for Success
    • Your Starting Point
    • Building the Team
    • The First Meeting
    • The Next Step: Widening the Circle
    • Defining a Schedule
  • Chapter 3: Figuring the Cost of a Family Reunion
    • Reunion Expense Categories
      • Communication Expense
      • Location Expense
      • Permits and Licenses
      • Catering and Food Expenses
      • Transportation Expenses
      • Hired Personnel Expenses
      • Decorations and Signage
      • Commemorative Clothing and Other Items
      • Supplies and Equipment
    • Developing a Realistic Budget
  • Chapter 4: Record-Keeping Systems
    • Types of Information
    • Summing Up
    • Software Resources for Record Keeping
  • Chapter 5: Locating Family Members
    • Networking with Your Relatives
    • Using Professional and Other Types of Directories
    • Internet Search Tools
    • Hiring a Professional Investigator
    • Combining Your Resources
  • Chapter 6: Announcements and Ongoing Communications
    • Communications for Large Reunions
    • Compiling the Family Address Book
    • The Series of Communications
    • A Reunion Web Page
    • The Site
  • Defining a Communication Schedule for Your Reunion
  • Chapter 7: On-Site Preparations and Set-Up
  • Chapter 8: Ice Breakers, Mixers, and Games
    • Nametags
    • Mixers and Games
  • Chapter 9: Pursuing the Family Genealogy and the Reunion
  • Chapter 10: Managing the Details at the Reunion
    • Locating People
  • Signage
  • Announcements and Newsletters
  • Arrival and Sign-In
  • Hospitality Events
  • Banquets and Other Food Events
  • Transportation
  • Cleanup
  • Evaluations
  • Chapter 11: After the Ball
    • Looking toward the Next Reunion
    • Appendix A: Family Reunion Resources on the Internet
    • What is a Search Engine?
    • The Best Search Engine
    • Using a Search Engine
    • What about Using Directories?
    • The Library
    • Publicizing Your Family Reunion on the Web
    • Building a Family Web Page at
    • Summing Up
  • Appendix B: Family Reunion Worksheets
    • Family Reunion Survey
    • Family Contact Sheet
    • Registration
    • Reunion Planning Summary
    • Reunion Announcement
    • Registration Cover Letter
    • Mail Tracking Log
    • Family Reunion Budget Spreadsheet
    • Registration Follow-up Letter
    • Family Reunion Evaluation
    • Thank You Letter
    • Family Genealogy Correction
  • Index
  • About the Author
  • "Your Family Reunion" Book Review

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