Map Guide To American Migration Routes, 1735-1815
Map Guide To American Migration Routes, 1735-1815
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Map Guide to American Migration Routes, 1735-1815; by William Dollarhide; ISBN: 1877677744; 8.5x11; perfect bound; b&w; Item # A0140

Family researchers need to locate and understand the early American migration routes their ancestors may have traveled. In this book, acclaimed author, William Dollarhide, shows these early roadways with well-researched and consistently drawn maps. Dollarhide's guide begins with the King's Highway of 1735 from Boston to Charleston and ends with the roads that resulted from the War of 1812 in the Old Southwest. These maps provide critical information for researchers trying to locate the passages of early migration in America.

The Following is from the Table of Contents:


Colonial Roads to 1750

  • The Boston Post Road and the King's Highway
  • The Lancaster Road
  • The Fall Line Road
  • The Great Valley Road
  • The Pioneer's Road
  • The Upper Road

Colonial Roads, 1750-1775

  • Braddock's Road
  • Forbes' Road
  • The Wilderness Road
  • New York Migrations

Roads to the Ohio Country

  • Zane's Trace
  • The Nashville Road
  • The National Road

Roads to the Old Southwest

  • The Natchez Trace
  • The Federal Horse Path
  • The Ways South After 1815
  • Notes and References


    Maps and Illustrations

    • The King's Highway
    • Colonial Raods to 1750
    • Braddock's Road and Forbes' Road, 1775-1758
    • The Way West, 1775-1795
    • New York Migrations
    • State Land Cessions
    • Ohio River Flatboat
    • The Ohio Country 1787-1800
    • The National Road, 1818-1838
    • Principal Lines of the Old Southwest, 1797-1822
    • New Orleans - Washington, 1806
    • Indian Cession Dates in the Old Southwest
    • The Ways South After 1815
    • These maps can be used as a method of understanding the places where ancestors may have passed or settled in route to their final destination, giving certain clues to where family records are kept today.

      This book is invaluable for anyone doing colonial historical or genealogical research - and one that I would not be without!

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