Isle Of Canes
Isle Of Canes
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Isle of Canes, by Elizabeth Shown Mills; 600 pg; paperback; ISBN 1-593313-01-2; 2007; Item TP063

Isle of Canes is the epic account of a multi-racial family in Louisiana that, over four generations and more than 150 years, rose from the chains of slavery to rule the Isle of Canes. Historically accurate and genealogically significant, this first novel by eminent genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills is a gripping tale of racial conflict, economic ruin, and family pride told against the backdrop of colonial and antebellum Louisiana.

This novel is the result of more than thirty years of research. To fuel the story, as well as to maintain historical accuracy, the author found and referenced actual family history documents such as baptism records, manumission papers, probate records, land records, book extracts, and more to reconstruct the lives and times of Francois, Fanny, Coincoin, Augustin, and countless other unforgettable characters. But it takes more than documents on paper and microfilm to bring such an epic story to life. Mills’s engaging prose puts flesh on the bones and pulls you into the lives and lifestyle of long-ago Louisiana.