[British] Army Records: A Guide For Family Historians
[British] Army Records: A Guide For Family Historians
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[British] Army Records: A Guide for Family Historians, by William Spencer; 160 pg; Paperback; 7.5x9.75; ISBN: 978-1-905615-10-0; 2008; Item TNA03

An accessible, up to the minute guide for all those interested in the British Army or ancestors with an Army past

The National Archives’ exceptional collection of military material includes the personal files of hundreds of thousands of First World War soldiers as well as Army nursing services, the WAAC, prisoners of war from the Second World War and Korea, and a wide variety of orders, decorations and medal rolls—from the Napoleonic Wars to the Falklands. This practical and accessible guide to records in the Archives and the British Library’s India Office covers over four centuries of Army life. Written by a military specialist and adviser on family history, it provides an insider’s knowledge of material newly released, soon to become available and recently deposited in regimental museums.

Whether you are tracing an ancestor, auxiliary service, regiment or campaign, this is an invaluable guide to Britain’s military past.

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