Census, The Expert Guide, Tools; Techniques And Lives Revealed
Census, The Expert Guide, Tools; Techniques And Lives Revealed
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Census, The Expert Guide, Tools; Techniques and lives Revealed, by Peter Christian & David Annal; 262 pg; Paperback; 6.25x9.25; ISBN: 978-1-905615-34-6; 2008; Item TNA01

Coinciding with the release of the 1911 British census, an expert guide to using original records and online sources to discover your ancestors' lives

Written by bestselling author Peter Christian and the British National Archives’ census expert Dave Annal, this fascinating guide shows how using the census can transform your family research. It shows how to interpret intricate details of your ancestors’ lives, from names, addresses and ages to family relationships, status and occupations – as well as revealing what may be hidden between the lines. As the British National Archives’ release of the 1911 census – once used by MI5 to track down enemy aliens – comes ever closer, Census offers the perfect way to prepare and get ahead of the game. Discover how to get the very best from online research, selecting the most useful websites and best quality images, as well as the experts’ techniques for approaching original records, microfilm, CDs and DVDs.

Complete with illustrations, photographs, screenshots and case histories Census is an invaluable companion and guide for anyone exploring this unique resource.

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