Immigrants And Aliens: A Guide To Sources On UK Immigration And Citizenship, 2nd Edition
Immigrants And Aliens: A Guide To Sources On UK Immigration And Citizenship, 2nd Edition
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Finding Immigrants and Aliens: A Guide to Sources on UK Immigration and Citizenship, 2nd edition, by Roger Kershaw and Mark Pearsall; 144 pg; Paperback; 7.5x9.5; ISBN: 978-1-903365-62-5; 2004; Item TNA12

Over the centuries there have been many waves of immigrants (or aliens as they are often described in official documentation) arriving in Britain. From medieval times Jews, Huguenots and many religious minorities escaping from persecution have made their home in this country. In more recent times many people from former British colonies have come to Britain for economic reasons. The National Archives holds a wealth of records relating to immigration to these shores: lists of arrivals, naturalization papers, records of religious dissenters and spies are among the key sources for those tracing individuals or communities who came to the UK from overseas. The guide also provides information on Moving Here, a major new website relating to the experience of Irish, Caribbean, Jewish and South Asian immigrants over the past two centuries.

Following the success of the first edition, this essential research guide for both family historians and academics has been fully updated to cover:

Recent changes at the British National Archives

Using online sources including citizenship records, the 1901 census, and Moving Here, a major new website relating to the experience of immigrants over the past two centuries.

Key sources and legislation up to 1987.





  • The Legislative Framework
  • Denizen or native
  • A chronology of key legislation
  • …..A chronology of English and British law
  • Post-Second World War Immigration and British Citizenship
  • European Immigration
  • Colonial Immigration, Pre-1948
  • Colonial Immigration, 1948-87
  • …..Lists of colonial immigrants
  • …..Colonial Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office records
  • …..Central government response to colonial immigration
  • Colonial Immigration: Post-1962
  • …..Expulsion of UK passport holders from Uganda, 1972
  • Registration of British citizenship documents 1948-87
  • Aliens, Spies, Refugees, Internees and Deportees in the Twentieth Century
  • General sources
  • Aliens
  • …..Home Office records
  • …..Police records
  • …..Ministry of Labor records
  • Spies
  • Refugees
  • …..Belgian refugees, 1914-19
  • …..Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe
  • …..The Czechoslovak Refugee Trust, 1939-75
  • …..Polish resettlement after the Second World War
  • …..Polish Resettlement Corps
  • …..Assistance Board Corps
  • …..Committee for the Education of Poles
  • …..Welfare Department
  • …..Home Office
  • …..Hungarian refugees, 1957
  • Internees
  • …..First World War
  • …..Second World War: policy
  • …..Second World War: personal records
  • …..Second World War: camps
  • Prisoners of war
  • …..First World War
  • …..Second World War: policy
  • …..Second World War: personal records
  • …..Second World War: camps
  • …..Former prisoners of war, 1945
  • Deportees
  • …..General sources
  • …..Second World War: deportations
    • Certificates of Arrival and Passenger Lists
    • Certificates of Arrival
    • …..1793-1815
    • …..1816-25
    • …..1826-1905
    • …..Other records
    • Board of Trade passenger lists
    • …..Arrivals, 1878-1960
    • …..Departures, 1890-1960
    • …..Registers of passenger lists, 1906-51
    • Quarantine records
    • Naturalization and Denization
    • The law of nationality
    • …..Acts of Naturalization
    • …..Letters of denizen
    • …..Denization and Naturalization distinctions
    • Sources for citizenship policy records
    • …..Before 1940
    • …..After 1940
    • Sources for Individual denization and naturalization records, 1509-1987
    • …..Documentary sources
    • …..Denization documentary sources
    • …..Signet Office
    • …..State Paper Office and Chancery records
    • …..Home Office
    • …..Naturalization documentary sources
    • …..King's Bench and Exchequer Records
    • …..Clonial Office and Dominions Office
    • …..Home Office and Court of Chancery
    • …..Name indexes to citizenship records
    • Tracing memorial records
    • …..Memorial records: General characteristics
    • …..1509-1800
    • …..Denizations, 1801-73
    • …..Naturalization by Act of Parliament, 1802-1900
    • …..Naturalization granted by the Home Office, 1844-1922
    • …..Tracing memorial records after 1922
    • …..Tracing unsuccessful applications
    • Tracing Acts of Parliament and letters patent
    • …..General characteristics
    • …..Denizations by letters patent, 1509-1873
    • …..Naturalizations by Act of Parliament, 1509-1900
    • Tracing citizenship certificate records, 1844-1987
    • …..Certificate records: general characteristics
    • …..Naturalization certificates 1844-70
    • …..Naturalization certificates 1870-1987
    • …..Registration of British citizenship documents 1948-87
    • …..Tracing Records after 1987
    • Other Citizenship records
    • Tracing Immigrant Communities
    • Irish migration and settlement
    • …..Privy Council and Home Office papers
    • …..Census returns
    • …..Poor Law records
    • …..Soldiers' documents
    • …..Canal and railway companies
    • The Jewish community
    • …..Resettlement
    • …..Jewish immigration
    • …..Other sources
    • The black community
    • …..Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor, 1786
    • …..Seamen's records
    • …..Other sources
    • German immigrants
    • Twentieth-century communities
    • Huguenots and Other Refugee Groups
    • The Reformation and religious refugees
    • The Huguenots
    • …..State Papers and Privy Council records
    • …..Naturalization of foreign Protestants
    • …..Registers of foreign Protestant churches
    • …..The French Committee
    • Palatinate refugees
    • French émigrés 1789-1815
    • …..Bouillon Papers
    • …..Calonne Papers
    • …..French Refugee and Relief Committee
    • Nineteenth-century refugees
    • …..Polish refugees
    • …..Spanish refugees
    • …..Russian and Polish Jews
    • Immigrants and Aliens Before 1800
    • Alien merchants and immigrants in the medieval period
    • …..Taxation and customs records
    • …..Alien subsidies
    • …..Customs
    • …..Alien priories
    • The medieval Jewish community
    • …..Taxation of Jews
    • …..The expulsion of the Jews
    • Aliens and strangers
    • Dutch William and German George
    • …..Registers of foreign Chapels Royal
    • …..Lord Chamberlain's records
    • …..Other records
    • Russians
    • Alien estates
    • Appendixes
    • Appendix 1: Immigration records held in county record offices, other local authority record offices and police archives in England and Wales
    • Appendix 2: Listing of certificates and declarations of naturalization and British nationality
    • Appendix 3: Useful addresses and websites