Heritage Quest Magazine 103 - Jan/Feb 2003
Heritage Quest Magazine 103 - Jan/Feb 2003
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Heritage Quest Magazine 103, edited by Patty S. Meitzler; Published Jan/Feb 2003 by Heritage Creations; Volume 19, #1; New back issue; 128 pp; Item # HQ103; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

This back issue of Heritage Quest Magazine features “Finding Royals in Your Family Tree.”

Articles found in this issue include:


  • Research a Royal Line, by Jeffrey A. Bockman - Jeff details the trials of having been born with royal lineage, only to lose it when he researched the family
  • Ties with the Royals, by Janet Elaine Smith - Janet explains how with the help of her encyclopedias, she was able to establish her royal connections.
  • Plantagenet Ancestry, by Douglas Richardson - Doug showcases his book new book, "Plantagenet Ancestry," for the readers, listing new discoveries and changes in parentage in many royal lineages
  • Pleasant Noble, by Julia Lynch Schacht - More Noble than peasants survived the plague - who knows, one may be your ancestor!

  • Musings and Gleanings from the World of History and Genealogy: Prince to Pauper; History Repeating Itself?; General Orders; Port of Galveston; Airplane High-Jacking; and Underground Railroad, by Richard L. Hooverson
  • Adoption Research: Adoption Angles For Birth Connections, by Darlene Wilson
  • Immigration Sources and Strategies - Periodicals, Finding Hidden Sources about Immigrants, by Kory L. Meyerink, AG, MLS, FUGA
  • Internet & Computers: Online Auctions: Chasing the Ghose of David Good, A Mennonite Hymnal, by David L. Good
  • Black History - The Search for Free African American Ancestors, by Aaron L. Day
  • Tackling Cemetery Records, by Carolyn E. Miller with Laura J. Henson
  • Travel & Research: A Research Trip in Washington D.C., by Jim Gallagher
  • New Software Releases- Reunion 8.0 for Macintosh, by Larry Naukam
  • Germanic Questions & Answers, by Horst A. Reschke
  • Researching Jews in Military Service - Russia, Poland, and Austro-Hungarian Empire, by Barbara Krasner-Khait
  • Finding Your Ancestors in France, by Marielle A Vigeant Bourgeois

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