Handy Guide: Church Records In Germany
Handy Guide: Church Records In Germany
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Handy Guide: Church Records in Germany; by Eric Kopittke; 2018; 4 pp; 8.25x11.75; b&w photos, map, further reading; ISBN: 9781925781588; Item #: UTPH0204

When churches in Germany began to record baptisms, marriages and burials, in their Kirchenb├╝cher (church books), a most useful genealogical resource was created.

These records are the main source we can use the trace the lives of our ancestors prior to the introduction of civil registration.

This handy guide covers parishes, identifying the parish, church registers (baptisms, marriages, burials, confirmations, and family registers), accessing the church registers (online, local parish, state archive, hiring a professional and more).

The guide concludes with numerous useful websites and a list of titles for further reading on the topic.