Handy Guide: Swedish Genealogy Research Beginner's Guide
Handy Guide: Swedish Genealogy Research Beginner
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Handy Guide: Swedish Genealogy Research Beginner's Guide; by Paul Woodbury, Legacy Tree Genealogists; 2018; 4 pp; 8.25x11.75; b&w & coloured photos, websites, further reading; ISBN: 9781925781021; Item #: UTPH0581

During the 19th century, Sweden experienced a population boom, in part due to mandatory vaccinations. A resulting shortage of available farmland pushed migrants to all parts of the globe in the Swedish diaspora.

Today, both the descendants of migrants and their relatives in Sweden can easily explore and extend their genealogy through detailed and extensive church records.

This beginner's guide introduces readers to the Swedish church records - the birth and christening records, the marriage and engagement records, the death and burial records. There's also information on the moving-in and moving-out records, and clerical examination records. The guide also provides some strategies to overcome your brickwalls, and gives a number of websites and books to further your Swedish research.