Handy Guide: German Words For Family Historians
Handy Guide: German Words For Family Historians
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Handy Guide: German Words for Family Historians; by Eric & Rosemary Kopittke; 2018; 4 pp; 8.25x11.75; Glossy Card Stock, further reading; ISBN: 9781925781229; Item #: RUTPH0202

Researching a German ancestor will undoubtedly lead you at some point to needing to read German records.

Having access to a list of German words that may be found in documents will help your to identify and understand the records.

This Handy Guide lists several hundred German words together with their English translation. The Handy Guide is divided into categories of:

  • Relationships,
  • Occupations, Religious and Church terms,
  • Jurisdictions or political terms,
  • Months and days, and
  • Assorted words.

Also included are references (and samples) of the "old style" German writing, and you'll also find links to various websites and suggestions for further reading.