Flip-Pal AC Power Adapter
Flip-Pal AC Power Adapter
Price: $57.99
Sale Price: $56.83
Product #: COUR19

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The Flip-Pal AC Power Adapter installs inside the battery compartment, replacing the four AA batteries, allowing you to power your scanner from wall AC power. Includes 1 active cell (with a wire), 3 inactive cells, and a battery compartment cover with a slot for the wire.

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  • Remove the 4 AA batteries
  • Place two of the inactive cells (without a wire) into the left section of the battery compartment with the positive terminal first.
  • Place the third inactive cell against the right contact.
  • Place the active cell in the space in between.
  • Replace the original battery compartment cover with the one supplied, feeding the thin wire through the slot.
  • Plug into the outlet and turn on the Flip-Pal scanner.
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