Scandinavian Research Guide: Sources And Strategies
Scandinavian Research Guide: Sources And Strategies
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Scandinavian Research Guide: Sources and Strategies; by Holly Hansen, Ruth E. Maness, AG, Arlene H. Eakle, PhD, and James L. Tanner; 125 pp; Paperback; Published: 2015; ISBN: 9781512015461; Item# FHE019

The basics of Scandinavian Family History Research! With in-depth sources and strategies. 100 pages of research guidance in a nice printed book.

This research guide is designed to further your education about the records, locations, and strategies used to successfully find and document Scandinavian families.

Table of Contents

  • Contributing Professionals
  • Introduction to the NEW FamilySearch Catalog
    • How to find sources and records in NEW FamilySearch Catalog
    • Places
    • Author
    • Call Number
    • Subject Class Number
    • Entries identified only by Volume Number and Pages
    • Related Places
    • Keywords Search
    • Digital Documents and Sources
    • Places Search Subject Subdivisions
    • Family History Library Call Number Break Down
    • Record Categories Used in the FamilySearch Catalog
  • Patronymics and Naming Practices of Scandinavia
    • Surnames (Family Names)
    • First Names
  • The Chicken Walked Here: Learning to Read Germanic and Scandinavian
  • Gothic Script
    • Principles
    • Procedures
    • Selected Bibliography & Reference Aids
  • Emigration/Immigration Sources for Scandinavia
    • Emigration
    • Immigration
    • A Bibliographic Sampling
  • Effective Use of Scandinavian Gazetteers
    • Gazetteers
    • FamilySearch Research Wiki
  • Learn More… U.S. Sources that Lead to Scandinavia
  • Scandinavian (Nordic) Church Records
    • Research Sources
    • Church Records
    • Feast Day Dates
    • Scandinavian Church Records – Analysis and Evidence
    • Scandinavian (Nordic) Church Books Online
  • Scandinavian Census Records
    • Why You Should Find Your Scandinavian Ancestor(s) In All Censuses
    • Census Records for Denmark, Iceland, and Norway
    • Finding the Records for Denmark, Iceland, and Norway
    • Research Procedure and Census Dates for Denmark, Iceland, and Norway
    • Online Census Indexes
    • Census Records for Sweden and Finland
    • Finding the Records in Finland and Sweden
    • Research Procedure for Finland and Sweden
  • Scandinavian Probate Records
    • Probate
    • Points to remember when using probate records as a research source
  • Using Scandinavian Military Records
    • The Records
    • Short Bibliography
  • Printed Sources for Scandinavian (Nordic) Research
    • Bibliographical Encyclopedias, Collections, Dictionaries, And Histories
    • Selected Bibliography
  • Searching on the Internet: Sting Search, Catalog Search, & Wiki Search
    • String Search
    • Catalog Search
    • Wiki Search
  • Letting,, & FamilySearch’s Family Tree Offer Research Assistance
  • Solving Scandinavian (Nordic) Brick Wall Problems
    • A Few General Problem Solving Rules To Observe For All Scandinavian Countries
    • Don’t Give Up!
  • Beyond Parish Registers: A Case Study
    • Sweden – Tax Lists (Mantalsängder)
    • General Tax Lists Headings – Sweden (Finland)
    • Research Procedure
    • Catechism Records – (Katekismilängder (S)
    • Short Bibliography
  • Sharing the Results of your Research
    • Get Other Interested
    • Share
    • Get and Give a Hand Up
    • Use the Cloud
    • Heritage Collector’s Free Standard Version
  • Simple Source Citations