German And Scandinavian Research Guide
German And Scandinavian Research Guide
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German and Scandinavian Research Guide; by Ruth Ellen Maness, AG; and Holly T. Hansen; 155 pp; Paperback; Published: 2016; ISBN: 9781523376322; Item# FHE011

Success in identifying and reaching your genealogical goals comes when proven paths are followed. With this Research Guide you will learn the details of and how to interpret church records, civil records, and other county-level vital records written in German. You will gain an understanding of printed sources available to assist with your Scandinavian naming patterns, including regional differences and the use of patronymics. Additionally, you will learn the importance of Feast Days in Germanic and Scandinavian research, how to read Gothic Script in the various countries, and how to avoid making mistakes in your research. A list of helpful Germanic and Scandinavian websites is also included.