PDF EBook - Organizing Your Genealogy: No More Piles Of Paper! - A Genealogists' Insta-Guide
PDF EBook - Organizing Your Genealogy: No More Piles Of Paper! - A Genealogists
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PDF eBook - Organizing Your Genealogy: No More Piles of Paper! - A Genealogists' Insta-Guide; by William Dollarhide; 2017; 8.5x11; 4 pp; PDF eBook; ISBN: 978-1-62859-128-6; Item #: FR0425-PDF

It could be said that William Dollarhide is the father of genealogical organization. During the 1970s, Bill developed an organizational method that became known as Dollarhide Systems. Thousands of genealogists still use the method. Mr. Dollarhide has now compiled an Insta-Guide titled: Organizing Your Genealogy: No More Piles of Paper!, condensing what can take up a book and more, into 4 pages. Armed with the Insta-Guide, any genealogist can get their paperwork organized - and stay that way.

The following is an overview of the Contents:

  • Piles of Paper
  • Pile 1 - The Compiled Sheets
  • Pile 2 - The Research Aids
  • Pile 3 - The Notes and Documents
  • Separate the Notes and Documents
  • The First Problem - Families vs Surnames
  • The Second Problem - Extra People
  • 1. Ancestors
  • 2. Collaterals
  • 3. Suspicious
  • Solving the Paper Collecting Problem
  • Four Rules for Saving Notes and Documents
  • Convert the Notes and Documents Pile into Organized Surname Books
  • Genealogical Evidence
  • Preparing a List for a Family Group Sheet
  • Further Reading
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