Collecting Dead Relatives
Collecting Dead Relatives
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Collecting Dead Relatives; by Laverne Galeener-Moore; Originally printed 1987; Reprinted 1998; 155 pp; Soft Cover; ISBN: 9780806311814; Item # GPC2105D

For the first time . . . a book that looks on the comic side of genealogy! Here you'll meet the people and situations you're already familiar with – the BORE, the BLUEBLOOD, the OLD MASTER, and the BRIEFCASE MAGNET, and a clutch of dissembling officials, wet-nosed beginners, and tongue-clucking harridans – but this time the meeting will drive you wild with laughter.

You'll learn about the latest techniques used by county clerks in repelling genealogists, about projector fatigue, and about acceptable and unacceptable behavior in graveyards. And you'll read about the sins of the D.A.R., research trip survival tactics, sadism in the county courthouse, the banality of workshops and seminars, the proper etiquette in prying information from reluctant relatives, and much, much more. This work is guaranteed to keep you sane and keep you laughing.

“This is one of my old-time favorite books. Laverne kept me laughing all the way through it.” Leland K. Meitzler –

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