PDF EBook: A Guide To AncestryDNA - 3rd Edition
PDF EBook: A Guide To AncestryDNA - 3rd Edition
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A Guide to AncestryDNA - 3rd Edition; by Diahan Southard; Oct 2019; 4 pp; Color, illustrated; PDF eBook; Item # DS04-PDF

Thousands have purchased DNA testing through Ancestry.com. Most are left without a clear idea of what to do next. This guide provides answers answers.

The following heading are found in the guide:

  • Plan of Attack/li>
  • 1. Link Your Family Tree/li>
  • 2. Use the Navigation Options (Sort, Groups, Filters, and Search)/li>
  • 3. Review Match Profile Pages/li>
  • A. Predicted Relationship/li>
  • B. Parents/li>
  • C. Add Note/li>
  • D. Add to Group/li>
  • E. Trees/li>
  • F. Ethnicity/li>
  • G. Shared Matches/li>
  • H. Common Ancestors/li>
  • I. Shared Surnames/li>
  • J. Ancestor Birth Locations Map/li>
  • K. View Match's Profile/Send Message/li>
  • 4. Using Shared Matches Tool/li>
  • 5. Explore Thrulines/li>
  • 6. Explore Your DNA Story/li>
  • Regions/li>
  • Genetic Communities/li>
  • Digging Deeper

Diahan Southard worked for Sorenson Molecular, and is a popular speaker, writer, and DNA guide.

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