Genealogy Presentations, 2nd Edition
Genealogy Presentations, 2nd Edition
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Genealogy Presentations, 2nd Edition; by Philipp M. Mayer; 104 pg; Paperback; 6x9; Published: 2013; ISBN: 9780982668672; Item GP04

This book will show you how to Organize, Manage, and Control information. So that your documents will not only be organized, they will be placed in a managed and controlled environment.

It shows you that by using Unique IDs and Pointers, your family trees will be easy to understand and easy to relate to other family trees.

Are your records in a computer and in a bunch of binders, folders, and boxes? If so, does that mean that your organized?

Is all your information in a computer program? As the saying goes "garbage in - garbage out." If your computer program doesn't show you the big picture of your family, how do you know that all the information you've put into it is accurate? You should know that the program can only work with the information that you provide.

You can't learn how to organize information, when all you do is input information into a computer program and throw all your documents into a box.

You will find that Genealogy Presentations is an excellent book for the beginner as well as the advanced genealogy enthusiast.

You will learn

  1. Why it's important to assign a Unique ID to every member of your family and how to use it when creating presentations and documenting your family.
  2. The significance of Family Units and how they make up family trees.
  3. The importance of Pointers and how they enable you to navigate through your physical and digital files.
  4. The importance of Directional Pointers and how they enable you to navigate through the many family trees that make up your family.

Unique ID

A Unique ID is comprised of the first five characters of your surname, followed by a dash, then four numbers starting with "0100.'

Start with the oldest person in your family tree and assign HIM the number "0100."

Female surnames are ALWAYS maiden names.

Family Unit

A Family Unit is established at birth and comprised of at least one person, until a legal relationship with another person is established.

When a legal relationship is established, the two single member Family Units merge to form a two member Family Unit.

The male is Always the upper name of the Family Unit.

The Unique ID underneath the Family Unit is a Directional Pointer.

Family Tree

Family Trees are comprised of Family Units, arranged such that they resemble the structure of the family.


Pointers are Unique IDs of the oldest person (generally) of a Family Tree.

Pointers are recorded on data spreadsheets and identify on which family tree a Family Unit may be found.

Pointers are the page numbers of family trees.

Directional Pointers

Directional Pointers are located underneath Family Units and are an essential part of each family tree.

Every family tree Must Have a Directional Pointer.

Directional Pointers connect family trees.