Internet Genealogy – February/March 2013
Internet Genealogy – February/March 2013
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Internet Genealogy – February/March 2013, edited Edward Zapletal; Published February/March 2013 by Moorshead Magazines Ltd.; New back issue; 56 pp; Item # IGFM13; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

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10 Time Management Tips, to keep your research on track

  • Locating WWI Alien Registration Records
  • The Historic New Orleans Collection
  • The Genealogist As Talk Show Host
  • Yum! Searching Historic Menu Collections
  • Your Ancestors in Australian Newspapers
  • Pan American Airlines Resources


  • The Historic New Orleans Collection, Tony Bandy looks at the rich genealogical and historical resources available to researchers
  • Heading for Freedom, Tony Bandy looks at Three Scale’s new mapping approach to genealogy and the underground railroad
  • WWI Enemy Alien Registration Records, Teresa Shippy shows us how to locate alien registration records from a tense period in American history
  • Five Ways to Get More from Evernote, Lisa A. Alzo looks at five of the newest features for the ever-popular Evernote
  • “What Was For Dinner?”, David A. Norris reveals that yesteryear’s specials are available online by searching historic menu collections
  • NLA Newspapers: An Invaluable Australian Resource, Gabrielle Morgan explains how to use Australian newspaper sources to help add context to the lives of your ancestors from Down-Under
  • The Genealogist as Talk Show Host, Colleen Callahan Wells details how she helped reunite a mother and son after sixty-four years
  • NetNotes, Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest
  • Are Your British Deceased Online?, John D. Reid unearths resources for finding final resting places in Britain
  • 10 Time Management Tips for Genealogists, Lisa A. Alzo reviews some helpful programs and apps to help keep your research on track
  • Can You Acknowledge Receipt?, Carol Richey explores how researching your ancestors' hobbies can add context to their lives
  • Pan Am: More Than Just A Flight!, Tony Bandy explores genealogy resources available for the once-mighty Pan American Airlines
  • The Back Page, Genealogy Conferences: Virtual or Live?
  • Genealogical Society Announcements
  • Classified Ads

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