The History Of Railroads: From The Publishers Of History Magazine
The History Of Railroads: From The Publishers Of History Magazine
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The History of Railroads; compiled by David A Norris: from the Publishers of History Magazine; 84pp; Paper; saddle-stapled; Full Color; 8.5x11; Item # MM017

This book is also available in PDF format.

  • Includes:
    • The Transcontinental Railroad
    • Travel on the Orient Express
    • The Great Locomotive Chase
    • The Canadian Pacific Railway
    • The Panama Railroad
    • Civil War Train Travel
    • World War 1 Trains
    • Train Robberies
    • Owney the Mail Dog
    • Casey Jones and Old ‘97
    • A Look at Pullman Cars
    • And More!
  • The Fabled Orient Express; Leaving platform two for adventure, glamour, and excitement
  • Linked by the Golden Spike; Building the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads
  • Scandal, Rebellion, Mountains & Muskeg; The Canadian Pacific Railroad overcame natural and man-made obstacles to cross North America
  • The 1855 Panama Railroad; The first transcontinental railroad built across North America
  • From Purgatory to Pampering: Pullman Cars; The quest for rail passenger comfort
  • Stamping, Sorting and Steam; Moving the mail by rail
  • From Grand Central to the Not-so-Grand; A panorama of two centuries of great changes in railroad history
  • Trench Railways of World War I; Miniature trains were a deadly serious business from 1914-1918
  • The Great Locomotive Chase; A look at the Andrews Raid of 1862
  • Owney the Mail Dog; The mascot of the mail trains
  • Robberies on the Rails! This newfangled transportation brought a new kind of crime to the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Casey Jones and Old 97; Popular songs turned two railroad disasters into American folk legends
  • Taking the Cars; the first large-scale use of railroads to transfer armies and military supplies in war