History Magazine; April/ May 2013
History Magazine; April/ May 2013
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History Magazine; April/ May 2013 , edited by Edward Zapletal; Published April/ May 2013; paper; 54 pp; 8.5x11; Full Color; Item # HMAM13; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

Independence Hurricane of 1775, did it help determine the outcome of the American Revolution?

  • The Battle of Puebla, the origin of Cinco de Mayo.
  • Glitter of Hope, Cartier, the Diamond , and the Socialite.
  • A Higher Call, Battle and Chivalry in the Skies.
  • Myles Keogh: Custer’s Irishman.
  • An Ancient Business Alliance Axum and Byzantium.
  • The attraction of Amber.
  • German Templers in Palestine.
  • The difficult life of Aaron Burr.


  • Open Notes, Trivia : Paper Clips, The Priceless value of the 1830s Penny paper.
  • Cartier, The Hope Diamond, and the Flamboyant Socialite; Marcy Knight enlightens us on the fascinating history of the world’s most beautiful precious stones.
  • Myles Keogh: Custer’s Irishman; Arnold Blumberg examines the life of Myles Keogh, a restless, handsome, born adventurer who took part in some of the most iconic battles in American History.
  • The Attraction of Amber; Melody Amsel- Arieli enlightens us on how a natural resin fashioned into a myriad of different products continues to fascinate us, even to this day.
  • An Ancient Business Alliance: Axum and Byzantium; Erich B. Anderson examines the trade relationship between the Byzantine and Axumite Empires.
  • The Independence Hurricane of 1775; Chuck Lyons examines the events around a massive storm that brought destruction to Newfoundland, and most likely helped to determine the outcome of the American Revolution.
  • RMS Segwun; Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva explore the history of one of Canada’s great inland marine treasures and tourism icons.
  • A Higher Call; In this excerpt from his new book, A Higher Call, Adam Makos, with Larry Alexander, gives us a sneak preview of an incredible true story of combat and chivalry in the war- torn skies of World War II.
  • The Origin of Cinco de Mayo: The Battle of Puebla, 1862; David A. Norris looks at how a Mexican General born in Texas won a great victory and inspired a famous holiday.
  • Palestine’s German Templers; Melody Amsel- Arieli examines how a breakaway sect of the Lutheran Church found a new home in a distant land.
  • Hindsight; A look at a section of books you might want to add to your shelf.
  • Aaron Burr, Down (But Not Out) in Paris and London; John Endicott and Jane Merrill look into a tumultuous time in Burr’s life.

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