Heritage Quest Magazine 107 - Sep/Oct 2003
Heritage Quest Magazine 107 - Sep/Oct 2003
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Heritage Quest Magazine 107, edited by Patty S. Meitzler; Published Sept/Oct 2003 by Heritage Creations; New back issue; 128 pp; Item # HQ107; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

This back issue of Heritage Quest Magazine features finding the clues to family that cemeteries and cemetery records provide.

Articles found in this issue include:


  • Lost and Found – Finding That Final Resting Place, by James W. Petty, CGRS, AG; The gravesite is a special place in that it’s where our ancestors and their families walked. James chronicles some experiences that can help us in our quest to locate an ancestor’s burial place.
  • House Histories, by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS; What stories could a home tell if it could talk? Uncovering the history of a home can reveal unexpected answers to unknown questions. The exploration may supply clues to further the genealogical research.
  • Search High, Low, Above, and Below: Cemetery Records, by Jeffrey A. Bockman; Jeffrey provides tips and a number of Internet sources to help locate cemeteries.
  • The Austro-Hungary Buffet, Course 1: Introduction to History/Geography, by E. Wade Hone; This is the first of a new on-going feature by Austrian expert, Wade Hone. He explains what you need to know about Eastern European research, starting in this issue with a historical overview.
  • Answers in the Cemetery, by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak; Megan gives an example of how a Sexton’s cemetery record solved a family history mystery.
  • Recycling of Graves in Europe, by James A. Derheim; James Derheim sheds light on the little-known fact that many graves in Europe are recycled. He provides an interesting historical and cultural summary.

  • Musings and Gleanings from the World of History and Genealogy: Our Nation’s Valhalla—America’s Military Cemeteries; Nickname “Lena”; America and France, Part II; Wrapped in the Flag; NARA Archival Databases; Kick the Can, by Richard L. Hooverson
  • Adoption Research: Your Reunion—Suggestions, Guidelines, Preparation, by Darlene Wilson
  • Getting Started: Is My Family Really Out There in Cyberspace?, by Donna Potter Phillips
  • Immigration Sources & Strategies: Church Registers to the Rescue, by Kory L. Meyerink, MLS, AG, FUGA
  • New Software Releases, by Merrill E. Gillette
  • Germanic Questions & Answers, by Horst A. Reschke
  • Grandpa Saw the Elephant: The Civil War Journal of Jonathan Christopher Eager, Part 2, by Charles D. FitzGerald
  • Who Are the Acadians?, by Marielle A.V. Bourgeois

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