Directory Of Family Associations, Fourth Edition
Directory Of Family Associations, Fourth Edition
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Directory of Family Associations, Fourth Edition; by Elizabeth Petty Bentley & Deborah Ann Carl; viii + 320 pp; Paper; 8.5x11; Published: 2001, ISBN: 9780806316796; Item # GPC426

There are many uses for a directory of family associations but undoubtedly the best use for it is for genealogical research--for making contact with family members, sharing information about family history, developing common ground between people of the same surname, arranging reunions, discovering who's out there and where you connect on the family tree, and finding out where you can go with your own research.

And there are a host of other uses--kin searching and heir searching, for example, determining family migration patterns, even marketing your own genealogical research. The possibilities are endless.

Based largely on data received in response to questionnaires sent to family associations, reunion committees, and one-name societies, the 4th edition of the Directory of Family Associations gives you access to a range of possibilities, offering information on approximately 6,000 family associations across the United States. Since by their very nature some of these organizations exist for only a brief period of time or lack the staff to answer queries, the compilers have supplemented the available information with data found on the World Wide Web and with details gleaned from notices in the standard family history journals and newsletters.

The result is an immensely useful A-Z directory of family associations giving addresses, phone numbers, contact persons, and publications (if any). So whether you're just starting your genealogical research or already waist deep in your investigations, planning a family reunion or hoping to attend one, or simply curious about your family or your surname, the course you choose from now on will be governed by this indispensable directory.


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The directory is an absolute necessity for any genealogical library worth its salt. - AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS ANNUAL, Vol. 28 (1996), p. 165.

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...a worthwhile effort...Recommended as an important addition to any genealogical collection. - AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS ANNUAL, Vol. 23 (1992).