Marriage Records Of Scioto County, Ohio, 1803-1860
Marriage Records Of Scioto County, Ohio, 1803-1860
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Marriage Records of Scioto County, Ohio, 1803-1860; by Caryn R.F. Shoemaker and Betty J.S. Rudity; Paper;195 pp.; Published: 1887, Reprinted: 2003; ISBN: 9780806311708; Item # CF5345D.

Scioto County, Ohio, lies directly north of the Kentucky counties of Greenup and Lewis. Its marriage records begin in the year 1803. Unlike most marriage records, which usually consist of a single entry in a marriage register, Scioto County marriage records derive from a whole range of sources. This present work draws on every available record in the county courthouse affidavits (applications for license), letters of [parental] consent, ministers returns, and marriage record books maintained by the county clerk. Compilers Shoemaker and Rudity have assembled a definitive list of 9,000 marriages performed in this southern Ohio county between 1803 and 1860. Each record contains the names of the bride and groom, the date of the marriage, a source citation, and often ages, places of residence, and the names of parents. For convenience, the records are listed in alphabetical order by grooms names; brides and all others mentioned in the records are listed separately in the index.