Heritage Quest Magazine 105 - May/Jun 2003
Heritage Quest Magazine 105 - May/Jun 2003
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Heritage Quest Magazine 105, edited by Patty S. Meitzler; Published May/Jun 2003 by Heritage Creations; New back issue; 128 pp; Item # HQ105; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

This back issue of Heritage Quest Magazine features an outstanding article documenting the Jefferson-Hemings families, as well as articles on using maps in finding your ancestors. Genealogists have long known that the use of maps is vital to doing research. Maps can clue one in to where to look for the records, where the family may have attended church, and much more.

Articles found in this issue include:


  • Gold Star Mothers and World War II Service Flags, by Elsie Barks Naylor; Elsie gives details of how the Gold Star Mothers and Service Flags began, and pays tribute to her brother and mother. She reflects on her brother’s ill-fated final minutes as a bomber navigator over Germany. The harrowing experience is chronicled with government awards and letters sent to her mother.
  • Surveying—What the Genealogist Needs to Know, by Jim Gallagher; Jim helps us understand how to research land records. These sources can lead us to a forgotten family cemetery or the satisfaction of standing in the same field that a great-grandfather tilled with a team and plow.
  • Use Maps to Locate Your Ancestors, by Jeffery A. Bockman; Maps provide a snapshot of our ancestors and their lives—showing where they lived, worked, and traveled; and where they went to school and church. Jeffrey helps us navigate land records.
  • Township Plat Maps and Your Family, by Janet Elaine Smith; Janet shows us how to gather genealogical value from plat maps.
  • Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: A Look at Some Original Documents, by Jeanette K.B. Daniels, AG, CGRS, Marietta Glauser, Diana Harvey, and Carol Hubbell Ouellette; Heritage Genealogy College students dig deeper into this controversial subject to present a sampling of the documents that can be found.

  • Musings and Gleanings from the World of History and Genealogy: In Praise of Older Maps; Sweet Caroline; Pencils of the Past; Five Points Artifacts Lost on September 11; American Women’s Voluntary Services (AWVS); Adventures in the White City, by Richard L. Hooverson
  • Nimble Notes: Whose Coat Is It?; Need a Marriage License for the 1908 to 1937 Time Period in New York City?; From State-Land States to the Federal Land System, by Donna Potter Phillips
  • Adoption Research: Prepare for the Pitfalls—It’s Key to Your Search, by Darlene Wilson
  • Getting Started: Probate & Property – Finding Your Pioneer Ancestor Through Legal Paper-Trails, Part 2, by Donna Potter Phillips
  • Immigration Sources & Strategies: The Sticht Family: A 25-year Search for German Origins, by Kory L. Meyerink, MLS, AG, FUGA
  • Travel & Research: Researching in New Orleans, by Jim Gallagher
  • Internet & Computers: Save Documents, Time, and Money with a Digital Camera, by William D. Treadwell
  • New Software Releases, by Merrill E. Gillette
  • Germanic Questions & Answers, by Horst A. Reschke
  • Where in the World? Using Maps to Find Your Ancestors, by Barbara Krasner-Khait

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