Nova Scotia Immigrants To 1867, Volume II
Nova Scotia Immigrants To 1867, Volume II
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Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, Volume II; by Leonard H. Smith; x+295 pp.; Paper; Published: 1994, Reprinted: 2008; ISBN: 9780806308456; Item# CF5476D.

Whereas the first volume in this series identified immigrants to Nova Scotia who were named in selected manuscript sources, this volume identifies immigrants reported in selected periodicals published outside Nova Scotia (Part 1) and selected published diaries and journals (Part 2). Part l of this volume names about 10,000 immigrants mostly Irish, Scottish, and English and provides a mix of data which includes some or all of the following: name, place of origin, name of spouse and parents, date and place of arrival, and source citation. Part 2 names an additional 1,500 immigrants. Both sections are arranged in alphabetical order and encapsulate brief, paragraph-style abstracts.