Kentuckians In Illinois
Kentuckians In Illinois
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Kentuckians in Illinois; by Stuart Seely Sprague; 306 pp.; Paper; Published: 1987, Reprinted: 2003; ISBN: 9780806311722, Item # CF5514D.

Many of the early settlers of Illinois moved there originally from Kentucky. The trail these migrants left, however, was so indistinct that it has not always been possible to identify them. Now Professor Sprague has assembled a list of these Kentucky migrants with data on them. Passing over conventional record sources, he has used information from published county histories and county atlases. Arranged in tabular format under the county of origin, entries include some or all of the following information: the name of the Kentucky migrant, his birthdate, the names of his parents and places of birth (if known), and the date of migration. The name index has references to more than 10,000 persons.