Heritage Quest Magazine 114 - Summer 2005
Heritage Quest Magazine 114 - Summer 2005
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Heritage Quest Magazine 114, edited by Patty S. Meitzler; Published Summer 2005 by Heritage Creations; New back issue; 128 pp; Item # HQ114; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

This back issue of Heritage Quest Magazine features research in Death Records, and was published by Heritage Creations, of North Salt Lake, Utah.

Articles found in this issue include:


  • What Did Your Ancestors Leave You?, by Jeffrey A. Bockman; See how researchers may find a wealth of information in records related to the death of an ancestor. Many record possibilities are covered, including: home records, death certificates, newspapers, cemetery records, probate records, and possibly church records or military records.
  • Death: The Eyes Have it, by Janet Elaine Smith; Due to the fact that derath records often have inaccurate information in them – we need to keep our eyes open. Janet provides some important things to look for when checking these records
  • Getting the Most Out of Parish Records, by Leslie Albrecht Huber; Parish records represent the key to genealogical research in Europe. They document the basic events in people’s lives – births, marriages, and deaths and the church ordinances that went along with them (christening, marriage, and burial). Leslie provides a guide to how to effectively approach these records.
  • Magna Carta Ancestry, by Douglas Richardson; Doug summarizes his recent long-awaited book, Magna Carta Ancestry. The book is designed to provide information about descents from the famous Magna Carta Barons of 1215.>/li>
  • Genealogy, History and Patriotism, by Judge Edward F. Butler, Sr.; Read about the historic and honorable tradition of the SAR (National Sons of the American Revolution). It is at the forefront of non-military patriotic organization, consisting of over 26,000 members in seven countries. Genealogy is the third leg of the SAR, and over 160,000 descendants of Patriots have been admitted since the founding of the SAR.
  • Travels of a Civil War Bible, by Pamelia S. Olson; The long history of a Bible, once carried by an infantry soldier in the Civil War, is followed through the ages until modern times, revealing a puzzling mystery.

  • Musings and Gleaning from the World of History and Genealogy, by Richard L. Hooverson; including “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” “Blue Southerners,” “Lost Franklin,” “Old Foes,” and “Address Unknown.”
  • Nimble Notes, by Donna Potter Phillips, featuring: “World War II Veterans’ Records,” “Military Headstones,” and Prologue & Our National Archives Web Site.”
  • Adoption Search Stories: Go-Between Facilitates Reunion of Birth Parent and Child, by Darlene Wilson
  • Getting Started: Leaving a Legacy: Twenty Tried & True Basic Tips for Genealogists, by Donna Potter Phillips
  • Immigration Sources and Strategies: Locating the Ancestral Home of Pennsylvania Germans, by Kory L. Meyerink, MLS, AG, FUGA.
  • In the Craziest Places, Checking the Facts and Avoiding Duplication, by Janet Elaine Smith.
  • Tracking Down the Treasures: Using Libraries’ and Archives’ Catalogs Effectively, by George G. Morgan
  • Germanic Questions & Answers, by Horst A. Reschke
  • Scandinavian Questions & Answers: Using Census and Probate Records, by Ruth Ellen Manness, AG
  • Irish Questions & Answers, by Judith Eccles Wight, AG
  • Til Death Do Us Part… or Not!, by Janet Elaine Smith

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