The French Blood In America
The French Blood In America
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The French Blood in America; by Lucian J. Fosdick ; 448 pp; Paper; Published:1906, Reprinted: 2007; ISBN: 9780806305523; Item # CF1975D

The purpose of this work is to give a true estimate of the Huguenots as a factor in American life. Separate chapters deal systematically with the Huguenots in Canada and the settlements at Oxford, Narragansett, New Amsterdam, New Rochelle and New Paltz, and in the states of Maine, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina, and Virginia. Also included are sketches of Huguenot founders, soldiers, statesmen, churchmen, artists, and writers. Valuable appendices include a list of "Some English Surnames of French Origin" and a list of the "Present Members of the Huguenot Society of America" (1906).