Family Tree Magazine; January/February 2013
Family Tree Magazine; January/February 2013
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Family Tree Magazine; January/February 2013; Published 2013; 73 pp; 8.5x11; Item # FTMJF13

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  • 52 Ways to Discover Your Roots
  • 13 Step-by-Step Genealogy Projects
  • Find Relatives in the 1940 Census
  • 6 Steps to Organize Your Ancestor Search
  • Find Free Family Histories on Google
  • Rescue Old Family Photos
  • Plus:
    • Preserve Newspaper Clippings
    • Use Pinterest for Family History
    • Digitize Photos & Records

    Articles found in this issue include:

    • Discover Your Ancestors
      • Hitting the Books, by Rick Crume. Has someone already written a local or family history book relevant to your genealogy? Use Google to find out.
      • Road Map to 1940 Census Success, by David A Fryxell. Find your ancestors in the online 1940 US census with this step-by-step guide.
      • Construct a House History, by Chris Staats. Hammer out the history of your own home or an ancestral abode with these six DIY steps.
      • Logging On, by Lisa A. Alzo. Does your genealogy search feel a bit scattered? Whip it into organized, efficient shape by using a research log. Our expert shows you how to get started.
    • Preserve Your Past
      • Dear Diaries, by Denise May Levenick. It’s easy to operate and share a family Heirloom diary, album or series of letters – while keeping the original safe and sound.
      • Treasure Hunt, by Lisa A. Alzo. Unlock genealogy clues all year long. Each week, look for one of these 52 key family history sources that can turn up in most surprising spots.
      • News Makers, by Denise May Levenick. Preserve those old, yellowed newspaper clippings and organize them into your own family news file.
      • On Assignment, by Lisa Louise Cooke. Ready to channel your inner Diane Sawyer or Larry King? Interview your relatives to capture family history details and stories.
      • Photo Intervention, by Sunny Jane Morton. Learn how to rescue and preserve your family photos for future generations.
      • Yes, You Scan! by Rick Crume. You’ve been meaning to digitize all those family photos for years. Now’s the time – just follow our five steps.
    • Celebrate Your Heritage
      • Living in the Past, by Janet Hovorka. Bring your ancestors to life with a visit to a living history museum. Here’s your planning guide.
      • In Memory, by Thomas MacEntee. Share your family’s legacy and honor a veteran ancestor online by creating a memorial Page.
      • Put a Pin in It, by Thomas MacEntee. Pinterest, the latest internet addiction, has genealogists everywhere sharing photos, records and research inspiration via online bulletin boards. Here’s how you can get in the action.

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