Index To Obituary Notices
Index To Obituary Notices
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Index to Obituary Notices, in the Richmond Enquirer from May 9, 1804, through 1828, and the Richmond Whig from January 1824 through 1838; By H. R. McIlwaine; 87 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1923; Reprinted: 1996; ISBN: 9780806306339; Item # CF3570D

This modest work indexes approximately 4,000 obituary notices during the period prior to Virginia's adoption of a uniform vital record system, and it is not confined to Richmond obituaries, but to obituaries of Virginians. Entries are arranged alphabetically by family name, followed by a reference to the part of the state of which the deceased was a resident (usually the county), followed by the name, date, and page number of the newspaper carrying the notice.