A Genealogists' Insta-Guide: Dollarhide's Rules & Dafferns' Laws - PDF EBook
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A Genealogists' Insta-Guide: Dollarhide's Rules & Dafferns' Laws - PDF eBook; by William Dollarhide & Neta Hanna-Daffern; 4 pp; Published: 2013; ISBN: 9781933194936; PDF downloadable eBook; Downloads are available immediately upon placing order; Item # FR0208

This includes all 50 Genealogy Rules, as prescribed by William Dollarhide. You've most likely seen these one or two at a time over the years, but to our knowledge this is the first time all 50 Rules have been printed in one listing.

In addition to Dollarhide's Rules, the Insta-Guide also includes all 17 of Neta Hanna Daffern's Inevitable Laws of Genealogy.

Here are several of Dollarhide's Rules:

  • 1. Treat the brothers and sisters of your ancestor as equals - even if some of them were in jail.
  • 2. Death certificates are rarely filled in by the person who died.
  • 9. The 1850 census record showing all twelve children in the family proves only that your ancestors did not have access to birth control.

And one of Daffern's Laws:

  • 1. The records you need for your family history were in the courthouse that burned


  • 50 Genealogy Rules; by William Dollahide
  • The Inevitable Laws of Genealogy; by Neta Hanna Daffern

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