Tracing Your War Of 1812 Ancestors
Tracing Your War Of 1812 Ancestors
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Tracing Your War of 1812 Ancestors; Compiled by David A. Norris; 68 pps; Paper; saddle-stapled; Full Color; 8.5x11; Item # MM012

This book is also available in PDF format.

Resources for USA, Canadian and British Research!

  • PLUS:
    • Army & Navy Records
    • Bounty Land Warrants
    • Newspapers & Maps
    • Government Records
    • Cemetery Records
    • Pension Records
    • Militia Service
    • Impressment
    • US Marines
    • Prisoners of War
    • And More!
  • War of 1812: Introduction, An introduction to look at what resources are available to researchers
  • Chronology & Outline, An outline of the war, and the causes and resolution
  • US Government Records, Local government records could reveal details of an ancestor’s home and life
  • Canadian War of 1812 Records, Published and online sources make tracking Canadian soldiers much easier
  • British War of 1812 Records, Tips on resources for locating ancestors who may have fought with the British Army or Royal Navy
  • US Army Records, A bit of digging might uncover a treasure trove of information on an ancestor in the US Army
  • United States Marines, Although US Marines were a small force in 1812, a number of resources exist for them
  • Naval Records, New resources provide valuable details on the lives of sailors in the US Navy
  • Prize Money: Spoils of War, Prize money could more than double a sailors pay
  • Militia Service, Most veterans of the War of 1812 served brief periods in the militia
  • Bounty Land Warrants, Land bounty records are a valuable source of information on veterans and their heirs
  • Cemetery Records, A number of resources are available that can help you locate burial sites
  • Impressment, Maritime records are useful research tools and document a tumultuous era
  • Maps, Historic maps help bring the War of 1812 era, and your family history, to life
  • Pensions, Pension files can reveal where your ancestor was born, where they lived and died and more
  • Privateer & Naval Pensions, An important genealogical resource for anyone researching a maritime ancestor
  • Newspapers: Breaking News! Newspapers of the War of 1812 era are a valuable genealogical and historical resource
  • Prisoners Of War, Records of prisoners of war can provide additional details of an ancestor’s life
  • Last Survivors, As a rule of thumb, the last survivor of a war will live roughly 90 years after the war