History Magazine’s Heroes & Desperados - PDF EBook
History Magazine’s Heroes & Desperados - PDF EBook
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History Magazine’s Heroes & Desperados; by David A. Norris; Published 2013; 60 pp; Item # MM013; PDF downloadable eBook, Downloads are available immediately upon placing order.

This book is also available in printed format.

David A. Norris Regales Us with Tales of Good Guys, and Bad Guys Through the Ages

  • Including:
    • Daniel Sickles
    • Australia’s Outlaws
    • Lieutenant Maynard
    • William Tell
    • Stede Bonnet
    • and more!

Articles found in this issue include:

  • Daniel Sickles: The Washington Tragedy, How a deadly celebrity scandal pioneered the use of the insanity plea
  • William Tell: Adventurer Patriot, Switzerland’s legendary hero inspired a rebellion that led to the nation’s independence
  • Bushrangers: Australia’s Outlaws, Australia’s wild, wild southeast was the scene of a legion of colorful criminals
  • The Bow Street Runners, An 18th-century law enforcement agency brought modern methods to fight London’s crime
  • Highwaymen, The highway robbers of old England inspired fear and fascination
  • Private Boyle: A Tale Of A Turncoat, The “treacherous disclosure of a deserter” foiled a Union attempt to capture Richmond
  • Stede Bonnet: The Gentleman Pirate, A “mid-life crisis” turned a Barbados family man into a buccaneer
  • Lieutenant Maynard: Pirate Hunter, The Royal Navy’s Lieutenant Robert Maynard battled the legendary pirate Blackbeard
  • “Old Patch” Master Of Disguise, The notorious London counterfeiter Charles Patch stole thousands of pounds

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