History Magazine’s Heroes & Desperados
History Magazine’s Heroes & Desperados
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History Magazine’s Heroes & Desperados; by David A. Norris; Published 2013; 60 pp; Item # MM013

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David A. Norris Regales Us with Tales of Good Guys, and Bad Guys Through the Ages

    • Daniel Sickles
    • Australia’s Outlaws
    • Lieutenant Maynard
    • William Tell
    • Stede Bonnet
    • and more!

Articles found in this issue include:

  • Daniel Sickles: The Washington Tragedy, How a deadly celebrity scandal pioneered the use of the insanity plea
  • William Tell: Adventurer Patriot, Switzerland’s legendary hero inspired a rebellion that led to the nation’s independence
  • Bushrangers: Australia’s Outlaws, Australia’s wild, wild southeast was the scene of a legion of colorful criminals
  • The Bow Street Runners, An 18th-century law enforcement agency brought modern methods to fight London’s crime
  • Highwaymen, The highway robbers of old England inspired fear and fascination
  • Private Boyle: A Tale Of A Turncoat, The “treacherous disclosure of a deserter” foiled a Union attempt to capture Richmond
  • Stede Bonnet: The Gentleman Pirate, A “mid-life crisis” turned a Barbados family man into a buccaneer
  • Lieutenant Maynard: Pirate Hunter, The Royal Navy’s Lieutenant Robert Maynard battled the legendary pirate Blackbeard
  • “Old Patch” Master Of Disguise, The notorious London counterfeiter Charles Patch stole thousands of pounds