Family Chronicle – November/December 2006 - PDF EBook
Family Chronicle – November/December 2006 - PDF EBook
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Family Chronicle – November/December 2006, edited by Halvor Moorshead; Published November/December 2006 by Moorshead Magazines Ltd.; PDF (download only) edition; 56 pp; 8.5x11; Full Color; PDF downloadable eBook, Downloads are available immediately upon placing order; Item # FCND06-PDF

Census Records Online

  • You’ll Be Amazed What You Can Find In Parish Records!
  • Finding a Wandering Relative
  • Burial Customs and Traditions
  • The Case off the Killer Cousin!
  • How to Self --Publish Your Family History
  • Dating Old Photographs, We reveal the clues we use to discover when a photo was taken

In This Issue

  • What’s Coming In Family Chronicle, A peek at what we are working on for future issues
  • Letters
  • Research Resources, Products and services for the amateur genealogist
  • Finding A Wandering Relative, Janice Nickerson shares proven strategies for tracking down ancestors who moved away
  • Audacity: The Interviewer’s Digital Toolbox, David Cooper looks at the newest tool in the tech-savvy genealogist’s arsenal
  • The Red Cross’ ITS Records, John M. and Nadine A. Hoenig say millions of WWII-era records are awaiting release
  • Dating Undated Old Photographs, Halvor Moorshead shows how he dated undated photographs submitted by Family Chronicle readers
  • Locating Censuses Online, George G. Morgan surfs the ‘net in search of census records
  • Seeing Dead People: Burial Customs And Traditions, Lisa A. Alzo says you can learn a lot about your dead ancestors by the way they were buried
  • Looking Beyond Birth, Marriage And Death Records, Leslie Albrecht Huber goes beyond the usual suspects in church parish records
  • Enhance Your Research With City Directories, Emily Croom directs you to an excellent resource for locating your ancestors
  • FotoTagger: Preserving The Past Note By Note, Alex Masycheff looks at the latest “must-have” tool for genealogists
  • Publishing A Family History: Print-On-Demand, Barbara Lynch explores the world of print-on-demand genealogical publishing
  • You Wanted To Know, 1894 Pullman strike, Minnesota State Legislature roster, photographs of 19th-century German emigrants
  • Websites Worth Surfing, Google News Archives Search, UK Parish Locator, The Genealogy Home Page, Civil War Mysteries, The USF Africana Heritage Project
  • Killer Cousin, Beverly Smith Vorpahl recounts how, in 1832, her relative, Henry Sovereen, murdered his family in cold blood

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