Marriages Of Mobile County, Alabama, 1813-1855
Marriages Of Mobile County, Alabama, 1813-1855
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Marriages of Mobile County, Alabama, 1813-1855; By Clinton P. King and Merlem A. Barlow; 181 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1985; Reprinted: 2003; ISBN: 9780806311357; Item # CF3175D

Based on official records, this is an alphabetical list of nearly 12,000 men and women who married in Mobile County, Alabama, between 1813, when the county was formed, and 1855. Brides and grooms are listed in a single alphabetical sequence, with the date of the marriage and a citation to the original source of the information given in tabular format.

As presented, the list is exhaustively comprehensive, and researchers need have no fear that anything has been omitted. The three principal sources from which this list derives are: (1) Marriage and Bond Books (#1-14), 1823 to 1855, of the probate records of Mobile County; (2) Index to Marriages, 1813 to 1855, in the Mobile County probate records; and (3) various marriages listed in an appendix to Peter Hamilton's book, Colonial Mobile (1910). These three, along with one or two additional sources ingeniously employed by the compilers, constitute the basis of the work, which must now be considered one the finest sourcebooks in all of Alabama genealogy.