Marriages Of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1795-1843
Marriages Of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1795-1843
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Marriages of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1795-1843; by George Gibson and Florence Gibson; vi + 143 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1981; Reprinted: 2006; ISBN: 9780806309385; Item # CF2175D

Compiled from the original marriage registers on file at the Monmouth County Courthouse in Freehold, New Jersey, this volume consists of a list of more than 6,000 marriages arranged alphabetically by the surname of the groom, each entry further containing the name of the bride, date of the marriage, and, occasionally, other particulars pertaining to one or both of the parties to the marriage. For convenience, the 6,000 or so brides are listed alphabetically in the index. As a matter of interest, the researcher should note that these marriages derive from Marriage Books A, B, and C.