Index To The 1800 Census Of Pennsylvania
Index To The 1800 Census Of Pennsylvania
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Index to the 1800 Census of Pennsylvania; by Jeanne Robey Felldin and Gloria Kay Vandiver Inman; x + 453 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1984; Reprinted: 2004; ISBN: 9780806310831; Item # CF1797D

This is an index to the 1800 federal census of Pennsylvania, in effect an alphabetical list of the 100,000 heads of households residing in Pennsylvania at the time of the second census of the United States. All 100,000 enumerated are listed with references to their county of residence and a citation to the page of the National Archives microfilm on which the full census enumeration appears.

In seeking out additional information, the researcher should know that the 1800 census provides the following data: name of head of family; place of residence; number of males and females under 10 years of age, 10 and under 16, 16 and under 26, 26 and under 45, 45 and upward; number of all other free persons in the household (including persons of color but excluding Indians, who were not taxed); and number of slaves in the household.