Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google - DO NOT ORDER - SOLD OUT - NO STOCK AVAILABLE
Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google - DO NOT ORDER - SOLD OUT - NO STOCK AVAILABLE
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Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google; edited Edward Zapletal; Published: 2011 by Moorshead Magazines Ltd.; 54 pp; paper, 8.5x11; Item # MM009

This book is also available in PDF eBook format.

We’ll Show You How To Plug Into the Power of the World’s Most Popular Search Engine!

    • Google Books: you won’t believe what you can find online!
    • Google News: their news archives can boost your research!
    • Google Earth: we help you to zoom in on your family history!
    • Google Alerts: search terms at the click of a button!
    • Google Scholar: yet another way to trace your ancestor!
    • And Much More!

Articles found in this issue include:

  • Digging Deeper with Google; Dan Lynch describes some advanced features of this popular search engine.
  • Getting the Most Out of Google’s Tools; George G. Morgan shows us how to harness the power of Google’s many Resources
  • Genealogical Googling; Dan Lynch tells us how to get the most out of this important search engine.
  • Getting More from Google; Lisa A. Alzo shows you how to use Google to manage your research (and your life!)
  • Google: the Hits Keep On Comin’; Dan Lynch looks at the latest innovations form everybody’s favorite search engine and how it can benefit your genealogy research.
  • Google Scholar; according to Arnon Hershkovitz Ph.D, your ancestors’ academic papers can be a boon to your research!
  • LIFE Magazine Photo Archive Online; David A. Norris Looks a LIFE Magazine’s online archive.
  • Googling for Genealogy; Marian Press reveals some of the secrets of Google.
  • Googling Helps Your Genealogy Go Global; Dan Lynch shows you how to zoom in on your family history.
  • Delve Into the Past with Google; Marina Garrison documents the benefits of Google’s latest addition.
  • Google Books; Marian Press looks at what is available for genealogists and family historians through this website
  • Google: The Dot-Com Gift That Keeps Giving! Dan Lynch shows you how to Google your family tree.
  • What’s In Your Google Toolbox? Diane L. Richard looks at a great book from Lisa Louise Cooke.
  • Google’s Archives: News You Can Use! Lisa A. Alzo shares five ways to find your family in this great genealogical resource.
  • Create Custom Google Maps; Bill Puller Shows you how to customize the ‘net’s most popular search engine!
  • Staying on Top of Your Research; Bill Puller shows how Google can help you stay on top of changes you online data