Campbell Chronicles And Family Sketches, Embracing The History Of Campbell County, Virginia 1782-1926
Campbell Chronicles And Family Sketches, Embracing The History Of Campbell County, Virginia 1782-1926
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Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches, Embracing the History of Campbell County, Virginia 1782-1926; by Ruth Hairston Early; 578 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1927; Reprinted: 2003; ISBN: 9780806307985; Item # CF1560D

With due regard to primary source materials, this history not only treats the initial phases of Campbell County's settlement and the three major streams of immigration-Quaker, Presbyterian, and Anglican-but also identifies the early patentees, the Quakers who moved from South River, the founders and settlers of Lynchburg and surrounding towns and villages, ministers, lawyers, court clerks, judges, military veterans, and pensioners. Of paramount importance for genealogists is the 200-page section devoted to Campbell County genealogies.

These sketches--about ninety of them--generally mention the earliest Campbell County immigrant, a succession of descendants through several generations, places of residence, occupation, and biographical particulars of large number. Below is a list of the families treated in this section of the book: Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Anthony, Bailey, Bolling, Brown, Bullock, Burton-Harrison, Callaway, Candler, Chiles, Clark, Clay, Clemens, Clement, Cobbs, Cocke, Dabney, Daniel, Davies, Davis, Deering, Diuguid, Douglas, Early, Evans, Floyd, Franklin, Garland, Gilliam, Goggin, Hairston, Hanks, Haythe, Henry, Holcombe, Hughes, Hunter, Irvine, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kabler, Langhorne, Lee, Leftwich, Lewis, Lynch, McReynolds, Miller, Moorman, Morgan, Murrell, Norvell, Otey, Owen, Pannill, Payne, Perrow, Pleasants, Preston, Prewitt, Robertson, Rosser, Russell, Scott, Slaughter, Snow, Stith, Strange, Talbot, Tate, Terrell, Thompson, Thorpe, Thurman, Tyree, Venable, Wade, Walden, Ward, Watts-Saunders, Winston, Withers, Wyatt, and Yuille.